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Helping With Complex & Challenging Situations

TCM Solutions is part of Houses of Worship International Christian Partnership.  TCM Solutions has helped both individuals and Fortune 500 companies deal successfully with some of their most complex and challenging situations.

We have helped them become more productive, increase efficiencies and overall satisfaction. And we can help you! Our core leadership modules are listed as follows:

The Art Of Persuasion


Focuses on the process of establishing a win/win environment.

Communication That Makes a Difference


Helps you to develop a strong positive communication process and an organizational environment that fosters open communication.

Leading and Motivating


Focuses on the management role in the process of leading and motivating individuals to achieve new heights of success.

Resolving Team Conflict


Focuses on the causes of conflicts, how to proactively eliminate those causes, and how to positively deal with conflict in a way that benefits the organization.

Teamwork That Works


Helps you to develop a high level of team performance and effectiveness, and helps build an organizational environment where every team member is valued.

Transformational Thinking


Emphasizes gaining and maintaining a transformational positive approach to organizational issues and life.

The Discipline of Interviewing & Hiring


Learn the systematic process that will increase the effectiveness of your interviewing and hiring activity.

EQ-i 360


Build successful leaders faster by removing blind spots and building confidence.

Building Positive Relationships


Principles to build strong positive relationship using strengthened interpersonal skills. Additional topics include: dealing with emotional behavior; having difficult conversations, as well as managing disagreements.

Building a Positive Organizational Culture


Principles for organizational success in developing a culture that breeds excellence.

Diversity: The Power to Transform


Provides a deeper understanding of what diversity truly is, the power that diversity has to positively transform an organization, and the steps to take to ensure an atmosphere of empowered diversity.

Managing Individual Performance


Gives attention to the entire process of managing people to includes coaching & developing, performance evaluations, rewarding performance, taking corrective action and more.

Staying Effective in an Environment of Change


18 principles that when applied will move an organization forward positively even in challenging times.

EQ-i 2.0


A scientifically validated psychometric instrument designed to increase both professional and personal success.

Leadership For The 21st Century


A custom grouping of modules designed specifically for you and your organization to meet your current challenges.

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Our mission is to help individuals and organizations reach their full spiritual potential and thereby forever positively change your life and your ministry.

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