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Your Marriage Isn’t In Trouble – YOU ARE!

By Dr. Joe Wasmond Many spouses think the reason why I am in pain is because of what is happening to me right now, especially in a marriage counseling situation. You can ask either person what’s the problem? They will probably tell you by pointing to left or to the right. “If you can get him/her to stop...

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“Eleven Reasons Small Ministries Fail”

The obvious reason that anything truly fails is because there is no presence of God The Holy Spirit there to instruct and guide.  It is God that causes a thing to be successful.  He causes us to become successful, from His point of view, when we honor Him and follow His decrees.  This short paper...

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Welcome Message From Bishop Anthony Collins

Psalm 51:16-17 tells us the following:  “For You will not delight in sacrifice, or I would give it; You will not be pleased with a burnt offering.  The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, You will not despise.”  The brokenness that is described in this scripture is...

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Houses of Worship International Christian Partnership

The House of Worship, Inc. is excited, by the grace of Jesus Christ, to announce the launch of Houses of Worship International Christian Partnership on January 1, 2022.  Houses of Worship International Christian Partnership or HOWICP is a multi-purposed organization whose key mission is to glorify Jesus Christ and to help individuals and organizations reach their full...

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Moving From Faith To Trust

There is a difference between having faith in someone and having trust in someone.  Faith is simply the conviction or belief that something is true.  The word faith is the word “pistes” in the Greek.  We can have faith in anything.  We can even have faith in a lie.  Remembering that “faith” isn’t faith until it shows itself...

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Slaying Our Little Gods

READ THIS AND GET YOUR BREAKTHROUGH:  Are God’s promises not being fulfilled in your life? Has Christ made some promises to you through His word, but you are still waiting on them to show up in your life? Do you have areas in your life where you don’t do what you know you should do? You...

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Assessing The Supernatural

Nothing supernatural happens outside of the presence of God.  The presence of Jesus Christ transforms everything.  In His presence we will find: Illumination, Revelation, Protection, Prosperity, Purity, Power, Provisions, Peace, Life, Wisdom, Victory, Abundance, Joy, Honor & Glory and the fullness of the good news of Jesus Christ. Every challenge of the enemy is designed to keep us out of God’s presence.  Since the...

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We’ve Been Lied To

We have been told that material possessions are a measure of real success. This lie is responsible for our current economic crisis, which was set off by the decline in the housing market. Even when we have the trappings of success that are supposed to meet our needs and desires, many of us still find...

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Strategy In Prayer

Everything that is successful usually has a strategy. What I mean is that for us to have any realistic expectations for an endeavor to be even remotely successful, we need to have a strategy. We need to have a plan. We would not expect to start a new business without a strategy. We have a...

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