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(Part 2)

Author Unknown

“Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you.”

1Peter 4:12

As disciples of Christ, we soon realize that our God is a God of “break-ins”. That shattering phone call, that disappointment that came from a friend, that shock or surprise about someone (or yourself) that you held in high esteem, that revealing conversation that unnerved you, that sudden demand on your time and resources that you had not anticipated, these may all be the first stage of God interrupting your life. You must be ready, never doubting, but accepting and trusting.

Since God initiates the “break in”, He is responsible for the outcome. He is responsible for the consequences. The consequences of God’s breaking into our lives are just as ordained as the break-in itself. For us that is a warning to not tamper with the consequences that God has appointed for you. It is also a comfort to know that you need not worry about something that is out of your hands. God’s breaking into our lives helps to mold and shape us. We need not fear the attitudes or decisions of others when we are accepting God’s will for our lives, and accepting the consequences of His break in.

Our response must always be to keep focused on God and obey His word. He will surprise us with His delights. Learn to trust God even when you can’t see God. Learn to say with Job, after God had broken into his life, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him“. Job’s attitude was, “I can’t see God in all of this and I don’t understand all that’s happening in my life, but yet will I trust Him!” Every time we are called to change our “ordered lives”, make sacrifices or endure suffering for His sake, He restores us and blesses us abundantly. Is God breaking into your life right now? If so, rejoice! For He is leading you from what you are to what you were meant to be!

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