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We begin 2021 with an attitude that we desire that this year will have more positive outcomes than last year. For this desire to come true we must understand that we will have to approach 2021 with a more resolved mind set to honor Christ as his true disciples. Below are some characteristics that we all should expect to see in the authentic disciple of Christ:

1. Relies upon God with a regular, fervent prayer life.

2. Is a person of prayer who walks according to God’s will.

3. One who has the faith of God to do the work of God.

4. Someone who is not seeking glory for themselves, but for God.

5. Is a person of integrity, a person that does what they say.

6. Someone who is willing to suffer persecution, even death, for their faith in Jesus Christ.

7. A person whose life has been transformed as they allow The Lord to mold them into the image of Christ.

8. Someone who is convinced that salvation and eternal life can only come by being born again through believing in Jesus Christ.

9. One who is bold in their witness for Jesus and will not back down in the face of persecution.

10. A person who is wholly submitted to the will of God.

11. Someone who is led by God The Holy Spirit.

12. One who is uncompromising about the things that most honor God.

13. A person that is obedient to their Lord Jesus Christ.

14. Someone that is a good steward over the things that God has given them.

15. One who is faithful.

16. A person that is willing to be used by God.

Can others see all of these characteristics in your life? If not, which ones do you need to focus on? Right now ask God The Holy Spirit to help you develop a plan to make the changes that you need to make to reveal to the world your authentic discipleship. When you do, you can be guaranteed that 2021 will be the best year that it can be.

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