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“Can a man carry fire in his bosom and his clothes not be burned?”

Proverbs 6:27

Few places are as treacherous as the office of the Christian counselor. Many a mighty man of God has fallen because of indiscretions while counseling with the opposite sex. The line between the physical and the spiritual can easily be blurred, especially when counseling someone experiencing deep hurt. Pastors can have their ministries brought to an end because of one fatal lapse.

People traveling for business with a member of the opposite sex carry “fire in their bosom.” It matters not that they each have their own private room. When away from the family and other natural restraints, satan’s temptations are particularly attractive. The risks are enormous, and especially so the longer you have been away from home.

We and our Lord know our weaknesses. Do not compromise in orde to help someone. If they need help, and we know that we will be creating an environment in which our enemy, the devil, can tempt us, then we must take the necessary steps to ensure our personal purity. Let someone of the same sex counsel this individual. Never travel alone. But if you must, then stay with people that you know. Don’t watch television in your hotel room, and be careful of the kinds of literature you read. Stay vigilant in prayer and extensive time in the Word. Surround yourself with the things of God and the people of God. Do not forget that a man cannot carry fire in his bosom and not get burned. Don’t play with fire!

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