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We have been told that material possessions are a measure of real success. This lie is responsible for our current economic crisis, which was set off by the decline in the housing market. Even when we have the trappings of success that are supposed to meet our needs and desires, many of us still find ourselves completely unfulfilled.

We have also been told that self gratification is more important than self discipline. Have you ever heard of Tiger Woods? I don’t have time in this brief preview to discuss all of the major problems that we have encountered and are still dealing with as a result of this lie. Surely, our concerns about the environment and our divorce rate are both issues that have been birthed directly from our wholesale acceptance of this falsehood.

And these are just two of the many lies that we have been told and that we have used as a standard by which we live our lives.

If the current world system of power acquisition, control and success is working so well, then why are so many “successful” people leading defeated lives? Why do so many people who have access to incredible resources, still find themselves unable to restrain themselves and make disciplined positive choices that not only benefit them, but also those that they love. The truth is that our present world system of power acquisition, success and control is flawed, it does not completely fulfill. 

The truth is that you don’t have to live a depressed, anxious or stressed out life. The truth is that you can have real power, real success, real control over every situation that life presents, but it requires a change in your thought process. How you think will determine how you behave and how you behave will determine your destiny. We must not just understand the truth from the point of intellectual attainment, but we must move beyond that level of understanding to the point of action, to the point of change.

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