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Gossip = someone who discusses unfavorable information (factual or not factual) about another person, with someone who is not part of the perceived problem or its solution.”


1.     Come to conclusions based upon your personal perspective or hearsay

2.     Share information that we don’t personally know about

3.    Become the voice of the accuser

4.    Put our nose in other people’s business

5.    Talk negatively about situations that don’t affect us in any way

6.     Judge others by a different standard than we want to be judged by

7.     Throw stones at others for things that we have done

8.     Are self-righteous; You always see yourself as more mature than others

9.     Legalistic: You have specific rules that others have to follow to prove themselves – rules that you don’t follow    

10. Allow your emotions to rule you

11. Are offended by what should convict you

12. You are aggressive dealing w/others sins, but ask for grace for yours

13. Project onto to others your sinful behaviors/perspective

14. Delight in stirring the people instead of calming the people

15. Are jealous, emotional, enjoy disputes, spiritually prideful

16. Start sentences with “Have you heard… & the next thing is negative

Romans 2:1    “Therefore you have no excuse, everyone of you who pass judgment, for in that which you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things.”

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